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Educated Consumers – “Get Your Log On” [rap/hip-hop]

March 25, 2012

Back in high-school a buddy of mine solidified my love for rap and hip-hop when he introduced me to the independent artist Dood Computer.  I copped his album entitled Ridiculous and that was the last thing I heard of him [peep my favorite track off that album here.]  For a while, I thought he forgot the message of that album and picked up a career sellin’ car insurance somewhere in NYC.

It seems, however, that Dood ain’t dead after all.  He has recently hooked up with the Educated Consumers on their album Winning Winter to deliver a topical message that I’m sure you’re all too familiar with. #digitalpound

“It’s all in the wrist, we’re developing relationships that don’t exist.  Go and get your log on.”


Sounds of Space [out there]

March 20, 2012

amor, est.sirin (sirintro)

Young Montana?Cassetteplay // Reprise

[art by dvdp]

ProflogikSo Necessary

Machinedrum – What You Wanted 2 Feel (Pixelord Remix)

Chiddy Bang ft. Cocorosie – “By Your Side”

February 15, 2012

While Chiddy Bang has undoubtedly failed to maintain the energy they brought with them since hitting the scene in 2009, it’s hard to deny that their approach to hip hop has been anything but innovative.  Since building a name for themselves with Opposite of Adults, a fusion of MGMT’s alternative sound blended with the hip-hop production of Bang’s very own Xaphoon Jones, Chiddy Bang has made a surprising comeback with a more developed sound after a few years underground.

Chiddy’s latest release entitled By Your Side, brings together the exoticism of Cocorosie with a traditional hip-hop feel which leaves the listener with an unfamiliar sense of  wholesomenesswhen the song is over.  Although Coco’s cryptic voice may not initially resonate well with you, the peculiar beauty packed within her hook will grow on you.

Chiddy Bang ft. CocorosieBy Your Side

As beautiful as the chance encounter of a sewing machine and an umbrella on an operating table.
― Comte de Lautréamont

happy birthday dilla.

February 7, 2012

Got to give respect where it’s due – happy birthday Dilla.  Whether you’re familiar with his music or you’re just here to test the waters, let these songs wash over you for the evening & cleanse your soul.  I threw in four of my favorite tracks, as well as a tribute that my boy rxn did for Dillamonth so check ’em out.  As Ma Dukes says, “Dilla loves you, he did it for us.”




J-Dilla – So Far To Go (feat. Common & D’Angelo)

rxn – 4Dilla [Tribute]

Rest in Peace
Jay Dee
2/7/74 – 2/10/06

Book Learnin’ Beats

January 21, 2012

Still listening to your “Beethoven Radio Station” on Pandora when studying?  No wonder you’re f&ckin’ up!  It’s time to freshen up your study habits with some new beats for your book learnin’!



[art by theprivatepress]

Impossible NothingRosehips

My Best FiendHigher Palms (Young Montana? Remix)

Eric Lau & FriendsUnder Standing (Reprise)

Congratulations, you’ve just made studying cool.


January 11, 2012


PixelordFlower Cannon

[art by dvdp]

Mr. Dibiase – Driftinoff


happy holidayz

December 25, 2011

I know this blog slowed down a lot, but life got in the way.  It’s only going to get more hectic over the upcoming weeks as I’ll be hittin’ the west coast by automobile with no set itinerary.  So, in the meantime, here’s a nice holiday jam that you must sneak into your mother’s Christmas playlist.

ArionCarols of the Bells [Christmas Dubstep]

And, as my gift to you all, here’s a couple more tunes to tide ya over until I get this place up and runnin’ again:



A-Trak & ZincStingray (Benga Remix)


ParlovrHell Heaven [Live]